Why round corners?

The simplicity of Roundy belies its significant attributes. We don’t say this lightly – here are some examples of just how clever this simple idea is.

Better air flow for heating and cooling
a building. The economic benefit of circulating air once it has been heated or cooled shouldn’t be underestimated. In this respect Roundy is extremely energy efficient – a passive system for energy transfer.

Energy efficient – within defined spaces air gets trapped in square corners.

More ambient than a square corner. Roundy meets a global trend for softer designs.

Curved corners create more space.

Less damage.

Roundy curves are strong and high quality.

Better traffic flow.

Look at it like this...

“We get deceived by our two-dimensional experience with plan view, thinking it is only logical that rectangles are more efficient. In three-dimensional dynamics there is a circulation factor, or an ergonomic factor, that changes the relationship between people and fixed objects. Cutting corners is a good idea.

David Austin Murray – eDESK Collaborative Business Furniture

The Roundy process can be manual or automated, both to the highest standard.

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