The Roundy system

Roundy is not cut – the process creates a perfectly seamless joint free corner. The process does not alter the quality or strength of the original plasterboard.

10mm boards curved from 2000mm down to 150mm radius

13mm boards curved from 2000mm down to 200mm radius

Roundy column and installation

The Roundy process can be manual or automated, both to the highest standard.

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Specifying Roundy

Roundy offers infinite flexibility in the size and shape that you can specify Roundy-curved plaster board.

It can be used for convex (external) and concave (internal) corners down to a radius of 200mm.

Roundy can be applied to any standard specification full-size sheet of plasterboard.


Where there is an outside (convex) curve, the adjoining wall on the other side can still be at a 90 degree angle, for instance, to accommodate a bath or shower.



Installing Roundy

It’s simple: Roundy is installed by your contractor. You simply provide us with the specifications and we deliver Roundy on-site. All you have to do is put your standard framing in place up to the point where Roundy goes in. Once you’ve fixed Roundy in place, the wall is ready for any finishing treatment.


Each Roundy comes complete with skirting and plaster cornice if required. The Roundy system can be applied to ceilings. In some cases, we can provide Roundys complete with framing – please enquire.


13mm fire rated plaster
boards radius 200mm