The art of curving paper-faced plasterboard

Nobody else has done this in the history of plasterboard

Functional beauty is hard to come by. Our product, Roundy, embodies a rare union between the practical and the elegant. Walter Hensch, a Swiss master builder and CEO of Roundy New Zealand, has unlocked the secret to curving paper-faced plasterboard – something the building industry has struggled with for decades. With his extensive knowledge of the construction industry and years of intensive R&D, Walter has developed a process to create flawless, perfect curves using the same product as the rest of the fit-out.


Roundy is a world first, used in commercial, retail and residential projects
– for both interior and exterior corners – and can be curved to architects’ specifications. Roundy uses locally-produced boards, and makes every effort to be carbon neutral and energy efficient, so there is no waste in manufacturing.

The Roundy process can be manual or automated, both to the highest standard.

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