Manufacturing licence enquiries

Roundy New Zealand are now looking for companies to buy a licence to manufacture this unique product globally. For more information, please contact

Roundy's cost, quality and efficiency assurance

The Roundy process can be manual or automated, both to the highest standard.

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First of its kind in the world, the Roundy system produces seamlessly curved paper-faced plasterboard for commercial, retail and residential buildings.

Why would you invest in Roundy?

Roundy has been included in residential, retail and corporate projects and has gained two percent of the New Zealand construction industry. We believe the potential global market for Roundy is huge. Roundy has a strong track record working with developers, architects and builders. Roundy is often installed where it would be otherwise considered too hard and costly, and the ease of installation is a big advantage for project managers. There is no other way to achieve a perfectly curved paper-faced plasterboard.


As Roundy progresses from an R&D phase into a sales phase, we are pleased to have established sales and interest beyond New Zealand and Australian markets. While interest from some regions is still at an early stage, others are moving quickly to get Roundy projects underway. Experience in Australia has provided both parties with a chance to work together and test the market. Exciting opportunities for a licence are available in most regions.

This is a clean, simple, no-fuss process.
Once the Roundy is made, it is ready to go.
The Roundy simply slots in and only requires plastering on each edge, in the same manner as all other plasterboard joins. This avoids costly additional plastering to create a smooth curve that other curving systems incur.
This time and cost saving is significant.

Roundy is a highly engineered, completely smooth, perfect curve. These perfect curves add a level of sophistication to an interior, creating an overall sense of quality within

a space.


Roundy turns a plain sheet of plasterboard

into a highly desirable, elegant and value-added product.

Roundys are made in a controlled factory environment. Production is smooth and efficient to produce a consistant high quality. To begin with, one skilled worker can produce ten Roundys per day (i.e. a standard 200mm radius, 90º curve, up to 3 metres). As their technique improves, production increases. Special configurations take a little longer.

Our record installation time is 4 minutes.