Roundy Passivhaus

The environment

It simply makes good economic sense to use heated and cooled air efficiently.


When air is trapped and doesn’t circulate properly, it needs to be constantly replaced – this is a constant ongoing cost. Installing Roundys
at the build stage reduces energy costs for the life of the building.


Air circulation is free – it is always ‘on'.

A standard house

Why round corners are better than square

Anywhere in the world, Roundy can use locally-produced boards.


This reduces the environmental impact of moving product around the globe.


There is no waste in manufacturing as Roundy can bend full sheets. With smart design, off-cuts can be kept to a minimum. The process does not require huge amounts of resource and does not create any by-products, harmful or otherwise.


At the installation stage, it is simply a case of slotting the Roundy in and fixing it –again no waste.


Once installed, Roundy continues to do its bit for the environment with better energy efficiency through improved air flow (also see WHY ROUND CORNERS?).

Roundy is environmentally aware

The Roundy Passivhaus

The Roundy process can be manual or automated, both to the highest standard.

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Square corners trap ‘good’ air, requiring ongoing heating or cooling costs to maintain room temperature.

Round corners encourage warm and cool air to circulate, eliminating ‘bad’ air and thereby reducing heating and cooling costs.