The art of curving paper-faced plasterboard

Nobody else has done this in the history of plasterboard

Functional beauty is hard to come by. Our product, Roundy, embodies a rare union between the practical and the elegant. Walter Hensch, a Swiss master builder and CEO of Roundy New Zealand, has unlocked the secret to curving paper-faced plasterboard – something the building industry has struggled with for decades. With his extensive knowledge of the construction industry and years of intensive R&D, Walter has developed a process to create flawless, perfect curves using the same product as the rest of the fit-out.


Roundy is a world first, used in commercial, retail and residential projects
– for both interior and exterior corners – and can be curved to architects’ specifications. Roundy uses locally-produced boards, and makes every effort to be carbon neutral and energy efficient, so there is no waste in manufacturing.

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